$100 a month with a $150 administration and application fee:
4 hours professional support/month
4 days drop in office guaranteed/month
4 hours conference, social media lab, or training room access/month

Members also receive reduced rates for additional professional support, additional conference room, social media lab, training room, drop in office rentals, and educational and lecture events sponsored by the Center.

Facility Amenities

  • Professional Workspace and Shared Administrative Services
  • High Speed Internet
  • Conference Room Access with videoconference and smart board capabilities
  • Training Room Access with 75+ capacity
  • Social Media Lab with Green Screen and Video Capabilities
  • Large Parking Lot
  • Copier/Scanner/Printer
  • Service Kitchen

Staff Services

  • Business Plan Development
  • Business Growth and Planning Counseling
  • Strategy Development
  • Accounting and Financial Management Training and Counseling
  • Access to Higher Education Resources
  • Access to State/Federal Grant Programs
  • Pitch/Presentation Counseling
  • Access to Mentors
  • Social Media Marketing Training
  • Website Development
  • Regular Networking Opportunities
  • Access to Professional Network
  • Access to Student Interns
  • Notary Public
  • Educational resources
  • Market Research
  • Social Network Marketing

Pre-Requisites for Graduation:

  • Professional Business Plan
  • Investor Pitch
  • Website and Social Media Plannbia
  • Marketing Plan
  • Leadership Training
  • Financial/Budget Training